Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Wish I Could Freeze Time

Hope you all had a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Mine was wonderful. I hosted the family, and we had lots of good food and lots of hugs and kisses. We are a mushy bunch. Even Reece, who’s not extremely affectionate, allows the aunts, grandmothers, great-grandmothers to hug and kiss him as much as they (we) want. He seems to know that it’s important to us. Don’t misunderstand, however. Reece always hugs and kisses me when I first see him, but then that’s enough. No more. Leave him alone to do his thing. However, when we’re gathered as a family he’s a little more tolerant with the smooching and that makes me love him even more. Emily, on the other hand, is the most affectionate child I’ve ever seen. She is almost twelve and still holds my hand in public. I’ve told her that whenever she feels she’s too old for the hand-holding we can stop, but so far she’s still allowing it.

I AM going somewhere with this topic:

I took Emily and Reece to see the new Harry Potter film on Friday. We are all Potter fans and I’ve recently started reading the series and just love it. Before the thirty-minute preview time, which was very frustrating for everyone in the theater, I looked at Reece and said, “hey, if you get scared during the movie, it’s okay if you want to hold my hand.” He cut his gorgeous brown eyes at me with this look that said, “Oh, please! You’re crazy if you think I’m going to do that!” I got a little tickled and chalked it up to Reece not being a little boy anymore. After the previews ended (did I mention how annoyingly long they were?) and the movie began, Reece got close to my ear and asked, “is it still alright if I hold your hand during the scary parts?” Aunt Vanessa melted a little and yes, he did hold my hand a couple times during the movie.

Emily, please stop. Growing up, that it.
Reece, you too. Stay seven forever, okay?


Nicole said...

You are so lucky to have such great kids in your life. So happy to hear you had such a nice Thanksgiving!

irene said...

what a lovely post Vanessa, I'm happy you had a great Thanksgiving, and Reece, OMG he's just the cutest, EVER.

Angela in Europe said...

So how was the freaking movie????? I am just dying to see it.

Emily said...

The movie was sooooo good!!!!!All the freakin guys in that movie are sooooo hot!!!!!!