Saturday, June 06, 2009

Love Having Company

Lots going on, and I am the busiest unemployed person I know. Where does the time go? All the little projects I've been planning to tackle this summer? Not even begun. I look for jobs and apply for jobs and look for more and then I take a break and read a book or watch a movie. But, mostly, I've been entertaining!

Mom and Don didn't get to come up for a visit, but Emily came on Memorial Day and stayed until Thursday. Dawn met me at the halfway point on Monday and then again on Thursday to pick her up, and that time she had Reece with her, so we had lunch and I got some good, sweet hugs from the boy, who is as tall as his mother now. I swear he's cuter than the last time I saw him, too.

Emily and I had such a good time hanging out, watching movies, shopping at the flea market and vintage stores. We scored a beautiful white linen dress for Emily at one of the shops. It still had the tag on it and it was an incredible bargain and Em looked gorgeous in it, so we had to buy it! We had dinner at the wonderful Mexican place Emily loves and Pete joined us. Emily wanted to inspect the new boyfriend and she approved my dating him. I love that girl. Didn't want her to leave.

The next day, Friday, Sherry and Sophie arrived and stayed until Sunday. We had a great time, too. Sophie is the sweetest 13-year-old, and I had fun spoiling her like I do Emily and Reece. Sherry and I stayed up until 4am and 3am both mornings talking, which left us dragging our butts during the day, but we had so much to talk about! They're coming back to spend next weekend with me on their way home from Omaha, so I'm looking forward to that.

Sandy and I went to a conference earlier this week at Osage Beach. It was a good conference, mostly, and the food was great and it was nice spending time with Sandy. We had a two-bedroom suite and we both wished we could have stayed an extra night but we had to get home. I tripped on some uneven gravel the first night and hurt my already broken toe, which made walking difficult, but I managed to get around okay. Toe's better, but I'm still not ready to resume my walking every morning.

Next up: visits from Reece, Don, and Mom, but not sure in what order. I just know that they all need to get a visit in before I leave this place.

I'll return tomorrow for a birthday post for a dear brother of mine.

So, later.

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