Sunday, January 18, 2009

She just took credit for my salad. That's not right.

I finally got all the holiday photos downloaded to Flickr and some pics of my apartment and my new bedroom look. I'm probably going to be leaving Columbia after graduation (in May!!!!!) and wanted to take a few pics of the apartment before I moved away. I saved the Christmas pics to a separate set so you family members can view them without having to look at all the pics of my new quilt.

Abby and I have really enjoyed being joined at the hip for the last five weeks. When I go back to school/work next week my lap will probably freeze due to the lack of the 9-lb breathing, heating pad that's been perched on me every minute.

I don't have anyplace to go Tuesday, so I get to stay home and watch the inauguration. Don't think I've ever had the opportunity to watch the entire event live.

Finished This book and highly recommend it. Of course, the movie is in theatres now and I'd like to see it, too. Currently reading this one and am loving it. Finished Season Two of this series last week and cried my eyes out during the last episode. I think, visually, this is the best series I've ever watched. I also think it's pretty accurate historically.

Now I need to get moving and get something, at least one thing, accomplished today.

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