Friday, January 30, 2009

He's Eleven Today

STATS on Reece:

Age: 11

Height: Pretty darn tall

Weight: Just right

Cuteness level: WAY off the charts

Intelligence level: Even higher than cuteness

Interests: Wii, Reading, Dooley, Food (especially cheese dip and pizza,) animals, football, girls

Obsession: BASKETBALL!

Philanthropic interest: Humane Society - he volunteers at his local HS on Saturdays. Enough to melt any girl's heart, huh?

His Aunt Vanessa's favorite thing about him: Too many to list, but she loves talking to him on the phone; he's a great talker. He likes going to sporting goods stores, antique stores, book stores, and coffee shops. SEE? He's perfect!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you incredible boy!

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