Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sorta makes me melt

Sorta makes me melt
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I spoke with Auntie Linda yesterday and she said with all my studying, my blog was suffering. She said, "everytime I go to your blog, I see me!" Well, I don't call that suffering, no. But, here's a photo of Reece from last weekend when I went to Arkansas. There are more over on Flickr of more family sans Emily. Yes, I did see her, I just didn't get any pics of her. She's still beautiful as ever. Be sure and look at Reece's footbal pics. That's why I went home: to watch him play football. He did really well and it was a treat to watch the little darlin'. I promise to write more later this week, after my midterm and other delicious homework. (I have tons of book and movie suggestions, so I'll be back!)


Miz S said...

Reece is looking older, isn't he? What a sweetheart.

Good luck with the midterm and other stuff.

Irene said...

he's getting more and more handsome!