Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't Mess With Librarians

Gosh, I was sick of looking at that candy. Time for a little simplicity here on "Aunt Vanessa" and better writing! I'll add links and Flickr back to the page later. One more week of school and I'll have the entire summer to write and fill this blog with all sorts of fascinating information. I just finished writing a short paper about the Information Age and that word, information, is really stuck in my head now.

I took the day off from work in order to have a three-day weekend to finish some assignments for school. (I'm taking a short break right now as you know.)

The list of Things To Do This Summer has grown and I only hope to accomplish half of what I've listed, but mainly I intend to get this apartment organized and hang some curtains in my bedroom and find a nice picture for that room and do some writing and submit something for publication and get some exercise. There. Now that it's public information I have to do all of that stuff.

Last night in class, we watched a video from YouTube. Take 4.10 minutes from your day and watch. It's really cute - and it's okay for Emily to watch, too.

Okay, back to work.



Miz S said...

Vanessa's list:

1. Start a secret blog.
2. Do a bunch of other stuff.

Crazy MomCat said...

Hey, if you start a secret blog, don't keep it too much of a secret now. Mkay? We'd miss you!