Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Champion Softball Player

While Reece and I were busy skateboarding and watching movies and eating candy last weekend, Emily and her softball team were busy WINNING FIRST PLACE in a tournament. Congratulations, my darling niece!

Emily catches another one!!

Yeah, you're too cute, Em!!


Miz S said...

Go, Emily!

Elaine said...


Nicole said...

That last shot is awesome. Only she could make catcher's gear look cute!

Tangentially related: I had a crush on a guy in high school just because I like the way his butt looked when he was catching.

Catcher's Dad said...

Not just ant tournament title, but the USSSA STATE title. This was the biggie we (the girls) have been aiming for all season.

I don't live vicariously through my children's athletic abilities do I?

The RAGE kicked some serious back side to win this bad boy.

Just thought I needed to place a little more emphasis on the prize than my soon-to-be-departed-to- somewhere-above-the-Mason-Dixon line sister did. Love ya Ness!!!

Catcher's Dad Who Can't Spell "Any" said...

Actually it was a GIRL's tournament, not an ant tournament. Although I must admit an ant sporting event sounds interesting.

Lots more entertaining than an ant farm. I had an ant farm when I was younger and those fellas didn't grow nothin'!!!

Irene said...

wowowowowo congrats!!!

catcher!!!!! said...

dad u really got off the subject talking about ants. how random.

Angela in Europe said...

Cool. Congrats!