Friday, June 09, 2006

With This Ring

Banning gay marriages for the reason W gives is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.*** According to Mr. President, marriage, in the traditional sense, is the cornerstone of our society. How so? Don't over half of all marriages end in divorce? Doesn't that mess up the children in one way or another? Don't a lot of divorced mothers have to apply for government assistance? How is that good for society? I don't see why anyone would be overly praising marriage as the great societal cornerstone it isn't. (I'm not writing this as a way to express my disdain for traditional marriage. I realize some marriages are good, just not that many.) Yes, I'm divorced. So is one of my brothers. So are my parents. So were my paternal grandparents. So are ALL my aunts and uncles. So are just about all of my friends from high school, college, and my twenties, and my situation is not unique. I don't think society's values (the good ones) stem from marriage of a man and woman. I also don't see how the marriage of Adam and Steve can harm society. If they want some security for each other in case of the death of one of them, let's let them have it. It isn't going to harm society in the least for them to receive the same benefits as their neighbors, who are a traditional, married couple. I have no complaint about same-sex marriages. However, gay people be warned: with marriages come divorces. Gay people, listen to me: Are you crazy? Why would you want to get married? You'll only end up divorcing. I don't care if you're as gay as a picnic basket, or as straight as the edge of a new dollar bill; I'm just saying that marriage isn't all that great, so why bother? Just wait and see. The number of divorces is going to increase if same-sex marriage is legal everywhere. Don't say I didn't warn you.

***Of course, I know that the most obvious argument to make in opposition to W's view is that same-sex marriages do not lessen the number of traditional marriages. This point is so obvious I didn't see the need to mention it in the above paragraph.

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Miz S said...

"Gay as a picnic basket". Heh.