Saturday, September 23, 2006

What Else Would I Be Doing On A Saturday Night?

Hi. How are you? I was sitting here doing my school work and I got an e-mail from Luann, my adorable cousin who lives in Austin and I only see about once a year, but we keep in touch via e-mail, and I'm digressing, too much studying, oh lordy I wish she would get to the point , you are thinking, right? Oh Kay Then. Click on this: I Love Emily and Reece - and just see what all the fuss is about and then let me know which commands you typed in (you'll only understand that if you click!)


Irene said...

OMG that is sooooo cute!!!! okay, I typed jump, roll, paw and my favorite, kiss!

Miz S said...

Since I am 12 years old I typed "poop" and the dog barked at me and I got a message on the screen that my command was not understood. And then I felt ashamed of myself.

Julie said...

I told the dog to come and I got the message that the command was not understood. Much like when I call my own dogs to come.

And for Miz S and any other 12 year olds out there, just stop, don't go there. That's coming when called. OK?